Lift vs iterations

When examining my values for lift across 700 iterations, it becomes slightly wavy. Does anyone know why this may be? Is it due to a solver issue or mesh quality?


Could you please post the link (URL) of your Workbench, so we can have a look at the setup?


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Were you able to solve the question? If not please post your project link here, so that we can take a look at it and try to assist.

For the record, it is most likely caused by using a steady-state solver in an airfoil with a high-angle of attack.

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Even steady-state solver will show ‘vortex shedding’ when simulating flow around blunt bodies or wings with high AoA. Number of iteration cannot fix that (natural) flow behavior.




Yeah. That’s is an interesting topic. It’s my understanding that in that case, the steady-state solver will show an “oscillating” set of solutions, which dooes not necessarily represent the temporal evolution of the flow problem but represent the attempts of the solver to come with a converged solution.

I agree, but fluid molecules also try “to solve” some equations and if laminar solution is not available they use turbulent flow… :smiley: