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Large File Size?

Is it normal for the file to be 2 giga bytes of data? This just seems like a lot because when I open the files the open foam file is apparently only 1kb is this because it’s using information from the other files? Is there a way to download just the open foam file or will this give me an error with no data?
Thank you for your time and help,
Frank Lucci

Hi Frank, what simulation did you perform? For example, the downloaded file from this tutorial is 865 MB large.

Best regards,

Hi, I am running an incompressible higher quality than that tutorial and I think that’s the reason why. but I’m still wondering how the open foam works? does it take the data from the other files and import it to paraview? is that way the .openfoam is only 1kb?

Thank you for your time and help,
Frank Lucci

Hey Frank!

That is right, the paraview file is only like an index, and the result fields are stored inside the numbered folders.

For a medium sized mesh and multiple result fields, files in the order of gigabytes is not uncommon.