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Laminar Flow in a Pipe


Hi all,

I’m trying to debug a simulation just to get myself familiar with Simscale and I keep getting an error that I can’t seem to fix. Every simulation run says that the ‘Job was prepared successfully’ but won’t run past a few minutes. I also can’t download the file from the run/event log to gain more understanding.

The project is at the following link:

I want to constrain the solution to a Re=200 (thus why the kine visco is 0.01)

A colleague of mine was able to make the simulation run with a stop time of 0.1 seconds, however my goal is to see the flow in the pipe develop and as such I would ideally like to run it for upwards of 300 seconds.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!



May I suggest to use ‘Steady State’ simulation first instead of ‘Transient’? Mesh ‘slices’ have 0.5 m, air flow is 0.1 m/s, so flow needs 10 seconds to flow through one slice. With pipe 50 m long, it will take that flow 500 seconds from input to output.

So your mesh is very coarse (~40 k cells) and I’m afraid you can have problems with Courant number (please google Forum and Documentation for it).