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Job for simulations guru

Hi guys!
Sorry If I’m in wrong place wrong time. I have 3d model of my product and I need simulation of it’s performance under certain conditions. To my understanding it’s mostly related to CFD… Pls help me to find the one who can create good simulation of my application.
Truly excited,

Hi @rimo77 !

You are definitely at the right place! :wink:

Just upload your CAD model and easily set up your CFD simulation. If you need help with that, no problem! Simply describe the problems you have along with some additional information (Screenshots, Link of your project(s), etc.).

If you want to see if someone else already set up a simulation that is similar to yours, simply go to: Public Projects

Some other resources we have:

If you need additional information or anything else, please let me know!

Happy SimScaling!


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hello Jousef!
thanks for your reply. i’m concerned a bit about IP (intel. prop.) protection. I’d prefer to be coached or taken care by real specialist to get results needed as soon as possible. Definitely out of public scope. I have user story and still lack one simple 3D model like industrial euro-pallet to be simulated. In my imagination I’m contacted by the person capable to understand my user story, create the environment needed and simulate the process described. Case is to see how group of my products (3D model I have) filled by particles (of given size) behave in the freezing chamber in terms of aerodynamics and thermal transferring.
I’d be highly appreciating to be coached through or just serviced by real specialist. I’m excited to do it myself but feel too miserable in my skills to perform…

Hello @rimo77,
if you need consulting, you can refer to our consulting partners.
Each one has their own partner page describing their field of expertize and you can directly request a quote.