"Job became unhealthy" Error

I have a problem with my simulation. After 3-4 Hours Simscale says is restarting my simulation with the following issue: “The job instance became unhealthy and the job was restarted.”
It´s a quite complex simulation, the mesh has >20 M cells. But in the past a nearly similar simulation setup + mesh worked quite well.

Link: https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=2755432087178993576&mi=spec%3A06a50eda-9dd0-4acc-91e0-f9113a0d7733%2Cservice%3ASIMULATION%2Cstrategy%3A63

Would be nice if you could help me.
If you have any other critics on my mesh or on my setup please let me know.

Thank you

Hi Philipp, thank you for using the forum!

This was already discussed in a previous thread, have a look here: The job instance became unhealthy and the job was restarted - #2 by ggiraldof

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Ahhh okay thank you very much!!

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