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Issue with Cell Zones when Generating Mesh

Hello, I am new to SimScale (and any simulation work in general), and I have been trying to play around with doing CFD on a propeller just to try it out. However, when trying to generate the mesh for the simulation, it gives me the following error: “One or more cell zones are adjacent to a flow region cavity. Cell zones faces must be inside the flow region.” I’m not sure what cell zones are and didn’t have one created, but I added one after getting the error but to no avail.

Here is an image of the error, and here is one of the entire project. . This is the link to the project should you need it. Hopefully, that link should work. Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey there @Om0r2200!

Maybe this thread helps you: Air inside high speed rotating drum - user had the same issue and @Retsam gave some solid advice.



Perfect, I’ll try that, thanks!