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Is Dynamic mesh avalaible in Simscale?

Hi guys,

My study deals with the engineering application of CFD particularly using dynamic mesh methods to simulate the flow in a needle injector for biomedical application.
During injection the plunger (moving boundary condition) is moved by force (due a spring action) . A pressure drop is created across the needle and finally the skin (modeled as a porous zone) is penetrated by the fluid.
Is there any way to model this moving boundary condition in the simscale platform?

thx in advance


Could you upload an image with a schematic or is there a link to the project that I can take a look at to better understand the setup?



I hope this image will help you to understand the problem description


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Hi @jgonz,

Yes that definitely helps. Unfortunately right now SimScale does not have the capability for modeling the plunger system which requires a deformable mesh and a way to apply the solid-fluid interaction to a single face.

We have a section in our forum for Feature Requests ( if you’d like to request this functionality for future versions of SimScale.

Now if the pressure of the fluid moving through the syringe was know know we could exclude everything to the left of the needle - but I’m guessing that’s not the case?


Hi @AnnaFless
You are rigth, i only know the prescribed motion applied to the plunger.
By the way i added this functionality to the features request in simscale forum.
Thanks for your time.