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Instance Changes 07/2018


Dear SimScale Community,

Over the past weeks, we have made several changes to the computing cores (processors) available on SimScale. To make this very transparent, below you can find a summary of all the updates that went live this week:

  • All instances types now have an improved CPU set which should make simulations 10-20% faster.
  • The available memory for these compute-optimized instances is a bit lower for some choices of computing cores (e.g., 8 cores). As a result, for some edge cases, old simulations that could run on 8 cores in the past might now require a selection of a higher core instance. We made sure that this does not happen for reasonable parallel domain decomposition i.e., 50-100k cells per computing core for CFD simulations (e.g., a 1.6 Mio cells mesh on 16 cores). This means that even simulations with up to 500k cells per core should still be possible. However, above that limit, you might experience some memory issues. In this case, choose a larger number of computing cores.
  • The 32-core instance won’t be available anymore as part of the free Community Plan. It will be accessible, together with the 64 and 96 core options, as part of the Professional and Enterprise Plans, as well as the SimScale Power User Program. Since a majority of the community projects can be performed with the 16-core or even lower core instances, this shouldn’t have much impact on the users of the free Community Plan. At the same time, we will continue offering the 32-core instances as part of the SimScale Power User Program. Our community of power users have largely contributed to the creation of high-quality, industry-relevant simulation content that we would like to continue supporting. In case you are working on public content for SimScale which requires higher instance types than 16-core instances, please reach out to our colleague Jousef (SimScale forum profile:, Email:, who is managing our Power User Program. We are eager to support you on adding value to our community as part of this program.

Best Regards,

Alexander Fischer
VP Product & Co-Founder