Inner-outer pipe with porous media

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Thanks to your help, I achieved the simulation for the inner-outer pipe geometry, and also porous media setting using Darch-Forchheim Model. My project needs to simulate the air flow CFD within the inner-outer pipe geometry, which has the porous media inside.

My project 1018 Case 2 shows its air movement well. and My project 1102_Case4_int shows the porous media well. But my project 1104_case4 (checked as “share with support”) is now the combination of the two, I set cartesian geometry for the porous part, and all things were done as the same as case without porous media. (Boolean unification for the whole volume, etc). But the simulation run step doesn’t work, I think they want me to set the mesh or region again.

I am confused now with the warnings, please help me to achieve the simulation goal, “Air fluid flow CFD for the inner-outer pipe geometry with the porous filter’”.
The animation shows the air flow within the pipe without porous.
The last picture shows the wanted results of the inner pipe with porous.

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For this kind of analysis, you need a single volume representing the flow region + 1 volume (or geometry primitive) for each porous media that you are using.

Currently the geometry contains 1 flow region + 8 parts which look like solid walls.

You’d have to delete those before being able to run the simulation. Solid parts are not allowed for an incompressible simulation.


Thanks! I started the simulation well thanks to your comments, but I constantly meet the divergence issues. Can you help me to treat this mesh quality?

Hi - you will find the usual troubleshooting steps here: Divergence in Simulation: How to Tell When and Where? | SimScale


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Thanks, I tried this and found the region for divergence to upgrade the mesh, but it still diverges.