Inlets and Outlets

I was wondering if it was possible to simulate cooling intakes and outlets on a car without have to actually model the ducting. Because modeling the ducting is often very hard and complex and it takes loads of time.

Any help would be great. Thanks!!

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It can be possible to simulation cooling intakes and outlets. One such possible approach might involve using simplified models that focus on the overall flow and heat transfer rather than intricately modeling every duct. You can create the geometry to represent the car’s surface, then specifying inlet and outlet regions for airflow, along with appropriate heat transfer properties.

However, for precise and detailed analysis, modeling the ducting itself might be necessary.

Can you please share your project link? We can take a look at the geometry and come back with more suggestions

In the meantime, we have this tutorial that might be helpful for you

Sorry for not being very clear when I explained. What I am trying to do is to simulate CFD around a car. And I want to simulate the air that goes into the intake and radiators without simulating all the ducts and parts that it has to go through.
Hopefully this is helpful.