Inlet Boundary Conditions for Propeller Inflow

I am in the process of simulating a UAV propeller in a hover condition - therefore the inlet velocity is driven only by the suction of the propeller. I am simulating the propeller itself in a MRF zone. Incompressible, SIMPLE solver.

What are the correct boundary condition types to be used in the inlet and outlet in this case?

So far I am considering a pressureInletOutletVelocity for U inlet, and totalPressure for P inlet.
InletOutlet for V outlet, and fixedValue for P outlet.

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The common way here is a velocity inlet and a pressure outlet (gauge pressure of 0 Pa) boundary condition. However, it would be great if you could also share the link to your project so I can check :slight_smile:

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Should the velocity inlet in this case (A static propeller) be 0. Or assign it a low value around 1m/s?

Hello @mzeggelaar , in this case usually a boundary condition that allows flow to enter or exit the domain freely is necessary.

This can be done by using a custom boundary condition in Incompressible simulation type, as described in this validation project.

In simulation types where the temperature effects are also accounted for such as Convective Heat Trasnfer, Conjugate Heat Transfer, a pre-defined boundary condition exist to provide this behaivor which is called Natural Convection Inlet-Outlet.

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