Inflate Boundary Layer


Hi, I’m am trying to study the influence of the layer in an airfoil.
In the first mesh I am not using a refinment for the layer, but, in the second I want to include a Influate boudary layer refinment. I did so, however, the results are the same i both cases and in the mesh obtained after the second meshing I cannot see the layer.

I don’t know if I have to do something more after including the influate boundary layer refinment in the simulaion-designer.


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Hi @mlino,

I’ve checked on this and am experiencing the same issue. Let me get back to you once I get it sorted out.



Hi @mlino,

Discovered the issue; you’ll need to change the min tetrahedron-quantity for cell (see Operation 1 under meshing).

Let me know if that fixes the problem.


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I too have been having issues with non-existent inflation layers as well (attempting to get to y+ <1). Could you please explain in more detail why that needs to be changed and what it needs to be change to?



You could try disabling the check to see if this is the issue, to disable you need to set to a low negative (Docs recommend -1e+30). you can do this for both quality and min volume to see if any give you better results.

Kind regards,


Now the meshing worked as expected.


Worked for me too. Thanks!


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@1318980 Darren, Does using -1e+30 (a very large -ve number) effectively do the same thing as Anna’s value of 1e-30 (a VERY small +ve number)?



Hi Dale, not exactly but not far off. 1e-30 would be setting a tight control, -1e+30 is our way of telling the mesher not to look at it at all, and skip over that check.