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Incompressible simulation is not working

I am making a simulation with airfoils and I have stumbled across a problem. Whenever I want to simulate my simulation, it gives me this error. “A setup with 2 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please make sure that all regions except for one have an Advanced Concept assigned to them.” I do not know what to do an dI am kindly asking help. This is the link to my project. SimScale

Kind regards,
Cristino Mawla


For this kind of simulation, you need exclusively the flow region in the final CAD model. The “solid1” volume must be deleted, otherwise you will run into the multi-region error.

Going through similar tutorials before attempting your own simulations is recommended. For example, section 1.1 of this tutorial shows the correct approach:: Compressible Flow Around a Wing | Tutorial | SimScale


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Thanks a lot, the error is not showing up anymore, however my mesh is running, but percentages is sticking to 0%, is there a problem with my settings or is it maybe a problem with the capacity of my laptop. I am sorry if I am bothering you with my dumb questions, however I really need help. I have a HP Pavilion - 15-bc300nd (HP Pavilion - 15-bc300nd productspecificaties | HP® Klantondersteuning link with specifications). SimScale

Never mind it works. Thanks for all your help.

Kind regards,
cristino mawla