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Imprint error on project

Hii all, need some help and advice here. I try to use Imprint for my project. After it running, the progressive only up to 10% and then some error occurred. I have do this for 3 times.
I have search on Forum and get this (Imprint Operation Failure) with same problem but without any solution. My link to my project

Hey there, and welcome to the forum!

I just checked your project and found many variations on the model.

Can you please give me a description of what you are trying to achieve?

I want to create thermal management on system. I have water cooled piping and thermal load from IGBTs. So by those condition I try to design a better thermal condition.

There is a lot you need to do here.

First, you have to clean up your model:

  • Remove all the unnecessary details such as embossing, chamfers, fillets, threads, etc.
  • Remove or simplify the bolts to cylinders.
  • Remove unnecessary small holes.

When your CAD is clean, you can proceed to create the flow regions and Imprint. I will suggest you to use the CAD Edit Mode instead of the legacy operations, as you will have more control and visual feedback. Please refer to this page to know its capabilities:

When your model is ready, please follow our Conjugate Heat Transfer tutorials to learn the proper simulation setup:

Thank you so much …
I’ll try it …

Another problem occur on my simulation. I have clean my CAD and try as tutorial for Thermal Management. As a picture I share, this issue happen when I try to setting my model.
As long as I know, there is no issue for my internet connection. Bcoz my youtube running as usual, even my pings to google is under 100ms

If your connection is ok, then it might be an issue with the browser, you can:

  • Test on another browser.
  • Clear browser cache.

Thank so much for advice.
Need another help. I have make a new one without any thread and have a clean any unnecessary thinks.
But I got warning “Multiple boundary condition or interface assignments for the following entities: …”
I have try to follow tutorial from your link, I have change the boundary multiple times. But the same warning always pop up. This is my new project “
Please I need your suggestion, advice and help.