Importing multiple parts


I am having trouble with something very basic. I have an OnShape document with two parts in the part studio. I can import them both (by means of separate imports, as I was unable to select them both at the same time for importing), but they don’t appear together on the same workbench screen in SimScale. Both geometries are available in the project, but I am unable to establish a bonded contact between the two parts. I established simulations for both parts, and have meshed both parts, but I seem to have done something fundamentally incorrect, as the two parts are not relating to each other. Please offer guidance.

Hi there,
As you have already imported both the geometries in your workbench, you can simply go to CAD edit mode for either of the geometries and click on the ADD CAD button of the top right. You can then select which CAD model you want to add to your current geometry.

You can read more about ADD CAD in our documentation.

As you have already carried out the import into the workbench, now move on to editing in CAD for any geometry. Then, if necessary, you can select the appropriate CAD model you intend to add, if any, to the already existing geometry.

That did it.

Thank you!