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Import my own solver for OpenFOAM


I modified the solver buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFoam on my PC in order to create my own solver, but the time calculation is so long, so I will use SimScale and would like to know if it’s possible to import my own solver.

Thank you

I would also be interested in this topic. But as that would involve some compilation on SimScale’s side, I see some drawbacks there. Let’s see what they have to tell us.

Importing your own solver to SimScale in the way that you describe @fbonhuil is not possible (mostly for security reasons which you can imagine - @pfernandez ).

But you have some options here: you can use the solvers provided on the SimScale platform if they meet the needs of your problem or additionally there is an option of a case upload meaning you can zip up your openFOAM case files and use the computing power of SimScale for the simulation (you can read more about it in this post)

Ok, Thank you very much.