I get an error when I enter 0 pressure ”Floating point exception”

I am trying to perform computational fluid dynamics on the compressible flow of a turbo compressor as shown below, but I get an error and cannot calculate.
Someone help

I get an error when I enter 0 pressure ”Floating point exception”

What is causing the error?

Hi tiida,

please have a look at this article about the issue.

I hope that helps. I also saw that you have a time depending table for your pressure outlet in a steady state simulation. What is the reason behind this?

Best regards Sebastian

Thank you for your reply.
I looked at the article I received and took measures, but the problem still persists.

The reason for using the pressure table is that the calculations did not converge.

Can you try to change the pressure outlet boundary condition from a fixed value to a mean value.
With that the pressure at the outlet will be calculated accordingly to the flow situation.

Best regards Sebastian

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Hello SBlock!

Thanks to you, I was able to proceed with the analysis without the “Floating point exception”! !!

What was the cause?

One cause of floating point exception errors is a calculation that returns “Not a number”. One common occurrence is a division by zero (i.e. infinity).

By setting pressure to zero in a compressible simulation, you are getting exactly that: a division by zero in a calculation.

Are you sure that you need an absolute pressure of zero for a turbo compressor? :slight_smile:

I haven’t set the pressure to 0 as commented above.
However, an error occurred and the calculation stopped, so I posted it on the forum.