How to find out dimensions and coordinates of a geometry?

I miss a tool in CAD mode letting me find out the coordinates of points or the dimensions of a solid (or of an enclosing box of the solid). Do I oversee it? or is there another means?
the same question for the mesh. I searched for it under mesh - mesh quality, there is a button to select an element, but I miss to select a node and showing it’s coordinates

There is a post from May 2016 saying that such information is displayed when uploading the geometry:

But it seems the uploader has been modified, I don’t get this information, moreover such informations should be findable also at a later stage

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Hello Johannes
thanks for the feedback.

On thing in regards to the dimension fo the geometry you can find the information as explained in the article, by extending the geometry information and scrolling down to the bottom.
There you can find the information for the bounding box dimension


A workaround to get the coordinates of a point would be the following:
You can create a point geometry primitive. Then with the pick from viewer tool, you can select the point to measure. The point primitive will then be set to that coordinate, thus providing you with this information.

Please let me know if this workflow works for you.

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thank you!

the 1st feature is really nice and suited to check the overall dimensions before investigating all the work

the 2nd feature, creating a point primitive seems not very suitable, because in practice one would like to get to know the coordinates of a certain point in the model, but I can select only a face and create the point primitive at the center of that face