How to "divide" meshed geometry for boundary conditions?

I created a mesh for internal flow from an STL file. Is it possible to split up the faces after meshing to create different boundary conditions, or does this need to be done to the geometry before meshing?

Hi @petebachant,

currently, the mesh topology can not be changed so this needs to be done before meshing. The general concept at the moment is that the mesh reflects the CAD model topology as close as possible, most of the time 1-to-1.

For polygonal models (e.g. STL files) a split-by-angle operation was introduced which shall also be added as an upload option in the future. Would a “split face” operation for the mesh be important for your workflow (there also was a similar discussion a while ago)? Is there an important reason not to do it based on the CAD model? I think it would definitely add flexibility, e.g. in case one forgot a specific face and discovers it after meshing but are there workflows where it would be crucial?



Hi @petebachant

Currently , You have to Split the Geometry first and then mesh it. On how to split the STL geometry see this post : How to Split an STL geometry into different faces