How to create a partition (to assign > 1 materials)

I have read the doc of the CAD Mode:

but do not find a method to partition a solid. By partitioning I mean to cut the solid with a surface or plane, getting then 2 “subsolids”. Example: a rectangular box partitioned with a plane which is parallel to one of the box surfaces would have then 2 subsolids. The whole body (which can be named “compound”) would then possess 11 faces (and not 2*6=12 faces, 6 of each subsolid). They are 11 faces because in the cut plane there is only 1 surface, i.e. the 2 subsolids share this surface.

Having more than 1 subsolid is essential to assign more then 1 material. I have only found the split method in CAD Mode. 2 materials can be assigned then as well, but a bonded contact (glue contact) is additional necessary in order to glue the solids together which do (after split) NOT share the same surface of the interface.

So, did I oversee a method for partitioning?

thank you and regards

Hello Johannes, thank you for posting on the Forum. In order to assign two different materials in SimScale, each one of the solid volumes should have their own faces which will be a contact in the simulation.

It’s not currently possible to have two solids share one interface, and assign them two different materials. That’s why such operation, splitting a solid volume so that two different volumes can share only one face, is not available in the CAD mode.

Hope this helps.