How to apply rotating motion

How can we simulate a rotation motion inside the tank without putting blades in this case, I mean blades is part from the model how can I exclude it ?

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You mean to apply a rotation to the fluid only, but the rotation is not applied by some surfaces?

Yes, my question is How can I simulate rotation applied by a rotor without removing it because what I understood that we should remove the rotor to avoid meshing problem.

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To be clear here, if you have a rotor, it should be wrapped by the flow region. This way, the faces in the fluid region that are in contact with the rotor are used in the rotating region to properly model the physics.

In other words, the ‘negative’ of the rotor should be in the geometry of the flow region.

What you should delete is the part representing the solid rotor, because it has no place in the fluid simulation.

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It works, Thank you so much.

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