How to apply bearing support

I have a plastic torsion spring design.
I want to apply a specific torque and check the torsion angle
But I can’t find a way how to apply a “bearing support” to the center hole of the spring.

so that the center of the spring can not translate just rotate free around a shaft
Any help will be appriciated

Hi Guy,

You can apply a remote displacement on the hole face, setting displacements to zero but leaving the rotation around the axis ‘unconstrained’. Please refer the documentation on remote displacement for details on this boundary condition:

thank you for your help
I am trying this, but it looks like simscale ignore it
do I need to pick an external point ? if so what point ?
I have left rotation arond Z unconstrained and locked translation of X,Y,Z to 0
but the result is not correct. the hole is moving in the X-Y direction

You should input the coordinate of a point in the center of the cylinder for the rotations to be properly applied.

thank you
I will try to do that
Can I add material , I would like to add Delrin to the material list

You can add any material from the list, then modify all properties to suit your data (including the name!)