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How simulate DPM for Pressure-Swirl-Atomizers

This is the situation:

i Need simulate water spray (Pressure-Swirl-Atomizer) or air blast atomizer afected by lateral wind.
I dont know how set up that in sismcale…
like,dispersion angle and half angle
simscale have models for Spray Injection?

this is a example of the simulation what i need (but 1 extra boudary for the wind)

sorry for the external link =)

Hey @cdiaz!

Indeed a very nice PDF you have there, super interesting!

The first project that came into my mind when clicking through the slides was one by @dheiny, namely the “Turbulent Flow Through A Cyclone Seperator” .

Although the geometry is not exactly as depicted in the PDF it is similar to that one you are trying to investigate.

Small hint: The project is dealing with a single-phase flow.

Luckily, you can upload your own geometry on our platform and work with the multiphase flow module. Other models/simulation types that you can use as an inspiration are:

Now I also have to tell you that the process of the so called “atomization” as mentioned in the PDF involving the change from a Continuous Flow to Ligaments/Droplets to the final state of just Droplets can not be done in SimScale anymore but you can give your vote here:

Vote for Discrete Phase Model

Maybe you can work with some simplifications just to see how the flow behaves inside your injector.

I hope I could help you a bit. @sjesu_rajendra might give you a bit more tips concerning your project.

Let me know how you want to proceed!

All the best!