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I created a new simulation project called 'sepor':

vapor sepor

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How simulate DPM for Pressure-Swirl-Atomizers

Hi @zakharov - super interesting application, I would be interested in helping. What are you looking to simulate? Will the flow transport some type of particle? Or what’s the application about?

Also I noticed that all outlets and inlets are closed with lids - did you do this to prepare the model for CFD simulation? What software are you typically using?


@zakharov - I gave your model a quick spin over in this project: https://www.simscale.com/projects/dheiny/sepor_1

It’s just a steady-state, incompressible flow sim. What’s that analysis type you’re looking for?


Hi Dheny!
Thanks for helping me, bcs I’ve some problems with understanding this platform.

  1. My model was created in SolidWorks. I’ve created lids there for preparing model to simulation.
  2. For this model:
  3. What I want to get: I’ve inlet flow of wapour with drops of condensate. And I want to simulate a multyphase flow and see, how this condensate will go down.
    Top and bottom lids are closed, left (to You) is outlet and right is inlet pipes.


@zakharov - now that makes more sense to me, thanks for the explanation. Mhm - that could be a tricky one. A few more questions:

  • So there are condensate drops in the fluid, but does the amount of condensate change during the flow through the separator? So will there be significant phase change that can not be neglected?
  • What velocities / volume flow rates / temperatures do you expect to occur at the inlet? This would help to characterize the flow better to see what type of simulation would make sense the most
  • In general it seems, that there are quite some phenomena involved in this flow (multiphase, fine dispersed phase, potentially phase change etc.) - so what could be a first easier approximation to start with?


Hi, @dheiny!

  1. It’s a wet vapour flow, which consist some condensate drops. We don’t know how much water could consist this flow. Approximately vapour degree of dryness x=0.85-0.9 and the task of this separation is to get bigger value of vapour dryness, like 0.95-0.99.

  2. Parameters:
    inlet water vapour mass flow = 450 kg/s (like 30-40 m/s)
    density = 3.17, viscosity kinematic=0.000004416
    pressure = 6 bar
    temperature 150 Celsius

Simulation in SolidWorks (only vapour, without water drops):

Now I’m trying to make Discrete Phase Model analysis, but I’ve got always the same Error and don’t know what’s the problem…


And Yes, it’s important to know evrth about this drops, this is my task))) I want to see trajectories which ater drops moves


@zakharov - I see, so treating the droplets as “immutable” particles would a reasonable assumption? Do you have any assumption / data on the size of the droplets or their mass in order to specify the discrete phase model?

Great images of the simulation that you already ran! Was the simulation done with SolidWorks FloXpress or SolidWorks flow simulation? A comparison would be very interesting as well.


Hi, @dheiny!
This simulation was made in SW Flow Simulation. But I cant calculate in SW droplets treating, thats why I’m here)))
We assume, that drops size will be 0.1-0.5 mm.
Inlet water steam mass rate 450 kg/h with 150 grad Celsius, inlet velocity 30 m/s, r = 3.17 kg/m^3. You can see this parameters in my simulation preparation.
Could You help me with simulation? I don’t understand why i cant get any norm result.
I’ve made another model (Temp cyclone) to tru DMP model, but now i took bad results =((((

Thanks for Your help!


@zakharov - I’ll take a look later to see how we could fix the sim. I saw that @gholami commented on your other project. He ran quite some particle flow studies on SimScale - did his advice help to improve the sim?


Dear @dheiny
I saw @gholami 's project, that’s why I tryed to do DPM model like him, but with my material. I think I have problems in Simulation control options, but I dont’n know where till now


@zakharov, regarding the DPM project, please have a quick look at this: