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How do I define a paramter sweep in static simulation


I would like to increase the load in the static simulation. I found this comment

but it doesn’t say how the CSV file looks like. In static simulation we use pseudo time and how should be defined the time steps in the CSV file that is works correct?

From my point of view parameter sweep is an important option for simulation. It would be good if some help would be added. The best would be with some examples to show the different possibilities.


Hi @sburger,

here you can see @ahmedhussain18 defining a material: Defining elastoplastic material

here with a variation of load in z-direction by (@rszoeke):

here a test .csv file which @Milad_Mafi used to define time step lenghts for the different stages of the simulation :
(Post: Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 3 - Level 2)

Hope this helps you. Just make sure your Seperator is defined correctly. Messed it up once because of that :smiley:




Hi @jousefm

Thank you for the links.[quote=“jousefm, post:2, topic:29313”]

This project is the right answer to my question. Now I know how to do it but I don’t fully understand the settings.
Her in the settings the pressure is 1 Pa and in the CSV file the pressure increase from 1e5 to 1.08e6 and decrease again. How should I understand this settings?


Hey @sburger,

I think that the first column carries the z coordinates whereas the second column carries pressure values. This is because @rszoeke has chosen Z as the active parameter meaning that we primarily want the first column refering to the z-coordinates of our part.

Does this make sense to you?

Also see:

How can we add a load depending on variables using SimScale?


Defining variable constraint or load

If something is still not clear do not hesitate to ask.




P.S: The second link answers your question concerning the pressure of 1 Pascal.


Thank you for the additional infos.

Now I got it how to use the table and the equation.

The only open point is following:
When use the input field for a single value e.g. pressure -> clear
What is the meaning of a value in this field if I upload a table? It doesn’t have a meaning or is this a scaling factor?


Hi @sburger,

simply test it and see what happens :wink: I tested it and cannot see any significant changes if I double the value. So first priority of the solver is probably picking values from the table since we clicked the table symbol. If we click on the table symbol again we can type in a single value that we like.




Hi @jousefm

Thank you for your help, especially on a Sunday :+1: :thumbsup::clap: