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How can we add a load depending on variables using SimScale?

Often we want to prescribe values of loads depending on direction. Let us consider an example. Suppose we want to apply pressure which is dependent on z direction. The following description will help:

1.SimScale allows users to prescribe loads in three ways: direct value, table upload and a formula.
2.If it is a single value e.g. Pressure = 1MPa, this can directly be prescribed in the value field.

3.The second way is via table upload. In this case Pressure can depend on a single variable (x, y, z, t). So if we wanted to apply P(z), we can create a .csv file in which the first column should carry z coordinates whereas the second column carries Pressure values.

4.The limitation on table upload is that the dependence of load can only be on one variable. However, if we want to apply Pressure as P(x,y,z), this can be done using formula. A user needs to create a mathematical expression (equation) that describes the pressure varying in all the three directions. He can give this expression in the formula field. If we use this feature, pressure can max depend over 4 variables.

For more details over .csv file, please take a look at the documentation link:

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