How do I compare CFD Aerodynamics Analysis between models?

I’m simulating the aerodynamics for a miniature car (length of 18cm) and I would like to somehow compare the results between simulations with different cars. How would I do that and how do I get the pressure coloring for the simulations to match exactly, so I can compare those too?
This is my first simulation, the second one hasn’t been done yet:


That sounds like a job for the compare tool, which allows you to sync two simulation runs and compare them side-by-side: New Integrated Post-Processor | Post-processing | SimScale


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That sounds like a great solution, however how do I simulate 2 different models in the same project? Or is it possible to compara between projects?

You can import as many CAD models, create as many simulation trees, and run as many simulations as you would like in the same project.

As soon as you have two simulation runs (could be from different trees, but they need to be in the same project), then you will be able to use the compare tool.