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I am following the tutorial: Compressible Flow Around a Wing | Tutorial | SimScale
but for my own wing geometry. I have imported the IGES file and then I have followed all the steps on the tutorial, but when the simulation finished running and now is time to visualize the results. on the tutorial says to

  • Make sure the post-processor shows the results for the final timestep -3000 seconds;
  • Go to the Parts Color and choose the ‘ Pressure ‘ from the Coloring drop-down menu. Feel free to change the parameter if you wish;
  • Click on the faces of the enclosure, then right-click on the workbench, and choose the ‘Hide selection’ option:

I am facing two issues, one is that my simulation only ran 1500 seconds, and the second one is that when I want to do the Hide selection to be only able to view the wing this is not possible and it does not let me. Could you point me to what is it that I am not grasping? thank you!
Project Link: https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=2256663027715679503&rru=e97f60d4-66aa-4884-8255-ac84e94b526a&ci=edc40ddc-b48b-496d-ab84-782063297afb&ct=SOLUTION_FIELD&mt=SIMULATION_RESULT

Hey there!

Can you please send the URL to your project?

Yes! sorry.