Hex-dominant meshing Beta-Preview

Dear SimScale community!

We added a new hex-dominant meshing algorithm in Beta-Preview to our current meshing tools. The main focus of the development of this algorithm is to create quality meshes in a highly automatic way. Therefore the sizing of the mesh is heavily based on the geometrical properties of the CAD-model and exposes one overall fineness option only at the highest level. Based on needs and expertise you can skip certain automation levels and define local refinements or define the fully-fledged details of the algorithm. The clear objective is to make manual tweaking rather an edge-case scenario though.

Automatic sizing on the interior components of a control unit

How does the Beta-phase work?

Having the objective of high automation in mind, we wanted to expose the feature early in the development phase to allow SimScale users to give immediate feedback and follow the road map closely. Please do so by adding comments in the forum section below! We would love to start a viral discussion and get your input! As the feature is still in a Beta-phase, the automation logic might and will change continuously on a high frequency. Results of the same setup might change during the beta-phase. Even though we work hard to make every update an improvement, you should consider the potentially missing reproducibility of the results when using the feature for professional work.

What is currently possible?

The current implementation only supports internal and multi the first fineness property and will be extended gradually by detailed settings and local refinements. If you want to run an external flow analysis please first cut your geometry from the surrounding primitive e.g. the base mesh box and upload this shape to SimScale as only internal and multi-region meshing is enabled so far.

What is next?

We are continuously tweaking the automatic settings based on mesh quality metrics and a set of reference simulations. Additionally, we will add the first refinement types soon.

We are excited to get your feedback in!

Best Regards


Heat exchanger mesh for a conjugate heat transfer simulation

Fine mesh of a symmetric heat sink on top of an LED

Automatic mesh sizing based on geometrical details like radii.


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