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Help with Meshing Project

I am having trouble meshing my project. I have tried various ways to model the fluid volume with no success. My plan of action was to use the Open Inner Region function but I cannot seem to find out what faces to choose in order to receive my inner volume. The geometry is located below:

I have left the whole geometry open so I can help describe my project. I would like to model the blower system shown as my base project. There 5 blades inside will be rotating. Once this project is modeled, I would like the change the location of the blades, quantity of the blades, and shape of the blades in order to determine their effect.

I have tried many different ways and am simply burning up core hours so I am hoping someone with a little more experience can help me set up my base project for a template that can be repeated with slight geometry changes.

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Hi @ehahn
Currently working on your problem but i would suggest you to kindly go through the following documentation to learn more about fluid volume extraction methods used in SimScale.

Hamza Baig

Thank you for looking into this with me. I have been on that page many times and opened that project many times as well. Maybe I am over complicating my problem but the exhaust projects inlets and outlets seem more simple than mine. I do not have perimeters to select on my square outlet which is why I created “caps” to try and test that out. Again, no progress.

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@ehahn: possibly that simple example I prepared for internal CFD with MRF can help you to sort out your problems:



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Hi @ehahn,

Here you go with the simulation link with fluid volume created. In your case close inner volume is created because your model is closed.


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Also, if I remember correctly, the you do need a fully drawn solid part like that exhaust and the inlet and outlet faces do have to be part of the internal volume, and the internal volume has to be separate from the outside faces of the solid.

But that is just by memory…