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Help with enclosure

Hi I have a 3D design and I want to use simscale to simulate a wind tunnel. I started by generating a enclosure around my design, but when the process to build gets around 10% it stops and says “The geometry could not be combined at Part 2, Part 4, face36@Part 4, face28@Part 3. Please consider cleanup operations in your CAD tool.” I cannot figure out how to alter my design so that the enclosure will work. Can someone please help me get this going? I will post the link below.

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Hi, this is Fillia from SimScale Support, thank you for using the forum!

The issue is probably the fact that the solids are overlapping with each other:

Is it possible that you create a single solid body by merging all the parts?
Have a look at this page for more insights:

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Thank you so much for the reply I will make sure I make the design one solid body

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