Help in Multiphase Flow Simulation

Hey Guys,

I want to simulate simple superhyrdrophobic effects by using a geometrical profile in which air is embedded between the posts and water travels over it.

I saw some similar projects on the topic but nothing that accurately fits this description. Has anyone done a similar project of this type?

Hi @shamshx!

Superhydrophobic effects are not able to simulate so far - if you are happy with approximations you can still have a look at the flow behaviour. But I would assume you want to have a closer look at surface tension driven flow, right? If that’s the case then it is not (yet) possible.

For feature requests, check out this forum section and add your suggestion there :slight_smile: \rightarrow Product Feedback - SimScale CAE Forum



Thank you for letting me know. I’ve posted it there too.

However, for the timebeing I also want to see some tutorial on using multiphase flows by using primitives to assign regions for Air and Water flow separately in the same geometry. Do you happen to know where I can find something similar? The public projects are no help and the Multiphase flow documentation is incomplete.

Hey @shamshx,

I assume you want to initialize the air/water domains? If so, it’s done using subdomains.

I briefly show it in this project description. Essentially, each material has a phase associated with it:

Under initial conditions > phase fraction > subdomains. Then create the primitives that you desire and associate it to water/air. In this case, I’m initializing the highlighted parts of the domain with water (1):