Help for beginner

I’m new to Simscale and I can’t figure out what I need to modify to solve the problem and so that I can start the runs. I’ve tried lots of things but I can’t.
Thanks in advance for your response.

Hello Julien_Phl,

can you please attach a link to your project, so that i can have a bit deeper look into the project.
From what I can see from your screenshot is that you are using a face. SimScale does only work with solid bodies, therefore please make sure that your project only contains these.

Also, it seems like the fluid region has not been created the right way.
Please have a look at this page on how to create an external volume region. How to Create Flow Volume Extraction? | Knowledge Base | SimScale

here is ,
Thanks for your help

please follow my advice in my previous post, this should fix your issues.

Best regards