Heat transfer

I am trying to carry out a heat transfer simulation through a section of ‘wall’.

I have set the initial temperature at -83 and the second temp as 23.3C. I want to see the heat transfer through this. I have set up the materials but possibly have not done the ‘Air box’ correctly for the type of i simulation.

I want to be able to see the temperature through each section but it does not appear to work. Most likely i have missed something/ not added correct data.

The other question is, if i only select initial temp of -80C, and have an ambient air other side of the section, is it possible to then see the temperature at the last surface which would be in contact with the ambient air?

The project link is -

Hello @rd2007 , and thanks for reaching out to us via Forum!

Firstly, I’d like to point out that you’re currently using a steady-state simulation type. This means you won’t receive time-dependent solution fields but rather equilibrium state solutions. If you wish to observe how your solution field evolves over time, you should opt for a transient simulation type. However, be aware that transient simulations are computationally more demanding compared to steady-state simulations.

Secondly, I’m unclear about the necessity of the flow region in your model. It seems you could remove the flow region and instead use a Wall boundary condition with the appropriate temperature/heat transfer settings to represent still ambient air. You may find the following documentation page helpful.