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Heat transfer by radiation Module on SimScale

I’m trying to model something in vacuum and I would need heat transfer by radiation. Is it possible with SimScale?

Hi @ezr!

It will be possible but with a small intermediate step in between. You can still prescribe the radiation as a heat flux on a surface inside the platform. What you would have to do though is to create an Excel sheet calculating the formula for the radiation boundary condition which defines the thermal radiation on a face or face set of the domain.

It is defined by the reference temperature (sink temperature) and the emissivity \epsilon. the radiation heat flux is then given, involving the calculated temperature T at the boundary and the Stefan Boltzman constant \sigma, by:

q = \epsilon \sigma(T^4−T_{sink}^4)

Once that is done you save it as CSV (Heatflux vs. Temperature) and use the table upload function inside SimScale for the Heatflux boundary - thanks to @rszoeke for the hint!

Hope that helps!



Thank you very much, Jousef! It helps :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,