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Heat transfer between two or more solid bodies via radiation

Hi there,

I’ve been looking to simulate a particular heat transfer problem for some time.

I have to design a lamp reflector in such a way that the heat generated by the filament tube is distributed over the metal plate as evenly as possible. I have attached a rough image to explain.

So we have a heat transfer problem between multiple bodies that is taking place via radiation. I want to get surface temperature on the metal plate. Is this possible to do in simscale?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @saurabhsaurc!

This post here might help you out as a starting point: Heat transfer by radiation Module on SimScale



No, that wouldn’t work too well. My entire idea was to find the distribution of heat energy on the plate ( it won’t be same, because of different angles ). Applying a uniform radiation flux would defeat the purpose.

What I am really trying to do here is a view factor calculation. As view factor is calculated from one surface to another.

@saurabhsaurc, this is not currently supported but is highly prioritised.

Ah, I see. By the way, are there some features that are supported only in the premium version. Like, you can access radiation boundary conditions only in the premium version?

Hi @saurabhsaurc, I dont know of any restrictions in the free version other than core hours and max CPU number and the ability to make private projects. All other features are available currently.