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Has anyone used SimScale?

I’m looking for an honest review of the simscale platform. Specifically how well both the CFD and Structural packages perform.

Furthermore...can I export CFD pressure plots into structural simulations?


Hi @harrykane140693!

If I write an “honest” review it might look a bit biased so I will let the @power_users jump in here and let them give you a review about the platform (any other user is invited to the discussion here as well). In general you can have a look at the Validation Cases and success stories on our blog.

Regarding your second questions: Yes! You can export CFD pressure plots and use them as an input for structural simulations (discussed recently with PowerUser @ggiraldo here: Chained CFD and FEA analysis).

Feel free to contact me either in the forum or privately if you have any further questions or doubts.



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Hi @harrykane140693,
maybe you can also check these resources for reviews and experiences with SimScale:



Hi @harrykane140693,

thank you for your question! :slight_smile:
as I see it, Simscale is a tool. The tool’s efficiency is highly dependent on the user. So if you know your project/problem well, you have a properly prepared CAD model, and you also know how to set up an analysis, and how to post-process, then the result will approach the real thing nicely.

I think the community and the literature is great and unique here, hopefully you will also leverage from it!

Of course there are bugs and errors here and there but the engineers are working hard to fix them as soon as possible. Also, the user experience is improving significantly. I suggest to stay tuned, exciting things are to come! ^^

Best regards,

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