Genset Room Simulation

Hello, I’m new at this.
I am trying to design a genset room and want to study the airflow.
The first problem is that I can’t create a proper form. And secondly, I can’t generate an adequate mesh.
I’ve been looking through the tutorials and can’t find one that fits or teaches me the model from scratch.
It would be great if there is a step by step video to see it.
Or is there any channel Thanks

Hi Pablo!

You will need to create your model in a CAD program, as SimScale does not include geometry generation features.

If you have pictures or diagrams of what you need to model, we can give you some advice.

Hi, thanks for answer. I understand. I create the model at onshape. Then I import on Simscale but for somthing reason i make something bad during the mesh configuration. (see attached imgs)
I need some help (seed)…Thanks

Hi again, and thanks for the pictures!

Can you please also share the URL to your project? This way we can have a look at the setup and the error that you are receiving.

Thank you very much, that would be amazing. I share the link.
I am learning about this soft and for that reason I try to create a general scenario.
I have and velocity input and a pressure inlet. The flow must travel a path from the entrance to the exit passing through walls and openings.

Hi Pablo,

You need to perform your simulation on the flow region, not the solid envelopes that you currently have in your model.

Please perform a flow region extraction, as shown in this page (don’t forget to delete the solids afterwards):

How to Create Flow Volume Extraction? | Knowledge Base | SimScale

Many Tanks. The perfect answer!!

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