Gauge pressure started diverging

Hi there,

I’m working on a CFD simulation of a centrifugal water pump and I keep getting this error message on my simulation runs that are failing: Gauge pressure field started diverging. Please check the mesh quality near the reported location and try refining the mesh. If the problem occurred near a boundary, please check the boundary conditions.

I’ve tried solving the problem multiple times by looking at other examples in the forum but keep getting the same error, is there anything that I am blatantly doing wrong that is making this happen every time?

Any help much appreciated.


Hey CCJ1999

Thanks for posting on the Forum, could you share the link to your project?


Hi Shenoy,
thanks for the quick response, I believe I have shared the project with you, is there anything else i need to do?


I am taking a look at the project now, Charlie. I will get back to you once I have a potential solution.

Hi @CCJ1999,

I think there a few things worth pointing out about your project:

  • The first one has to do with where the simulation diverged:

If you inspect that region in the post processor on the failed runs, you’ll see a tiny gap between this blade and the face of the cylinder:

Which will make the elements very distorted and probably cause divergence

For further information please check:

  • The second one has to do with the boundary conditions:

It seems you’ve defined 0 Gauge Pressure for both the inlet and the outlet, which will make it so there is no flow on the turbine. Have you had a chance to take a look at this tutorial: