Gauge pressure diverging error for FSAE Aero

Trying to simulate External Aerodynamics of an FSAE vehicle. I just need to visualize the flow, validate Lift and Drag co-efficient.

An error occurred after I ran the simulation . It showed the gauge pressure is diverging (check screenshot). Also checked the co-ordinates where the problem was being showed, but couldn’t find anything. Tried re-importing the CAD and refining the mesh size. Still nothing is working.

Hi & welcome back atharva_joshi30,

I’m just working through your simulation and collecting information.
I note this tutorial that is very comprehensive, I’ll list it, but I’d expect you may have seen it already.
I did notice you were simulating the whole car, as this tutorial does half car using symmetry as it is computationally less intensive and you can increase mesh resolution for half a car rather than the full car that is currently simulated.

In the tutorial section 2.4 recommends changing the following absolute tolerances

Also the tutorial mentions changing some of the mesh auto settings, refer section 3.2 boundary layer settings. I recall the current simulation has used the default setting, so recommend changing the default settings.

The tutorial again goes through the mesh setup, which may be worth adopting in the current simulation model to get it working.

Hope this info is of assistance, got some other deadlines to attend too, all the best.