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Forum needs a way to indicate that a topic still needs help 🙃

My biggest issue with these forums is that there is no way for an original poster to mark a reply as the answer and there is no way to view just the topics that are still not answered.

Any possibilities of getting this feature at some point?


Hi Dale,

The original post is able to mark a reply as the answer as you can see here.

However with regards to quick identification of project issues that are still wide open, maybe @jousefm has some idea on this.



What Barry said is correct, this is possible.

I think there is no dedicated feature needed but a more active forum, I could think of a leaderboard that we could implement to keep people engaged :slight_smile:



@Get_Barried, I do not see any ‘Mark as solution icon’ anywhere near the replies.

For instance, how would I mark your post #2 here as the solution to me first post?

Here is what I see:

So, I see that you could do it but I cannot. :wink:


Here is my point.

Yes we have a pretty good first response time to a poster but since I was away for a few months I had to catch up on the forum posts.

What hit me was that so many people were just left hanging and I would like to be able to quickly find those topics to see if I can help.

Right now I have to read a lot of some very long topics just to see if the poster got a satisfactorily solution.

If these long posts had a ‘solution was found’ indicator I would not even have to read those ones unless I was interested.

Do you see my point?

Absolutely Dale!

And indeed there is a “mark as solution” button which I still have to figure out why you (and probably more users) are not able to use. Does the Edit button work for you again?



There is still no ‘Edit’ button on that Power User Group topic which I could not edit.

On all recent posts of mine I can edit them.

I think that the forum software just thinks that if I haven’t edited something for a few months then it decides to never let me edit it again.

I REALLY want to edit that topic and will keep bugging you about it :wink:

My personal solution for now is to either have a :slight_smile: or a :frowning: at the end of my topic on posts I create.

I have edited my recent posts accordingly but I cannot do that on the topic which I can no longer edit :frowning:

This would solve my problem if everyone did it and remembered to change a :frowning: to a :slight_smile: when a solution is found.

Still can’t search for it but it does show up nicely in the forum listing :slight_smile:

I hope it catches on… People could use any emoji to show how they currently feel about the solution given…

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