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Fellow Engineers and petrol-heads,

In the past months we had some very interesting webinars and workshops about the usage of engineering simulation in Formula One.

During our first workshop series we discovered different development areas of modern Formula 1 cars. After a crisp introduction into physical and technical fundamentals we applied the gained knowledge to creata some awesome simulation.

Lucky you, that all recordings - including the tutorials and homework assignments- are still available on our website

External Aerodynamics

Thermal stress

Internal flow

Modal brake analysis

Nonlinear stress analysis

In July we took a deeper look at the aerodynamics of Formula 1 cars. Nic Perrin - the president of Perrinn Ltd - guided us through three sessions.

Fundamentals of F1 aerodynamics

Driving in the slip stream

Overtaking maneuver

Aerodynamics of a 2015 F1 Car

You can also run the simulations yourself using our ready-to-run simulation projects

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