Force and coefficients plots

I am trying to analyze a wing with its performance parameters. The main parameters that I am concerned are drag and lift forces with their coefficients. Although convergence plots and residuals look smooth and fine with mesh quality I get pressure force on the lift direction as 57.7N and the lift coefficient appears as 115.3. lift coefficient and drag coefficient values are way too off!! Can anyone give me some advice on what I may be doing wrong?


Hello @cem_biz ,

Please make sure that all variables defined under force coefficient reports are defined correctly. Currently, the freestream velocity value used to non-dimensionalize your coefficients are defined as 1 m/s, although actual free stream velocity is 25 m/s after the ramping.

This doesn’t mean that the simulation is wrong though - just the flow coefficients are calculated in a wrong way. You can simply correct them by using 25 m/s for the freestream velocity value based on the equations presented in this documentation.

I hope these are helpful,