Fluid flow through the filter structure

Hello there,

Thanks to your support, I am happily running my structures for fluid analysis.

The complexity of my structure is increased, I need to see the aerodynamic fluid flow through pipe which has the installed filters inside.

As I have expected, I have seen the warnings of the platform, which require me to close the gaps. I understand that inner fluid region can’t be made with the pipe with cavity region, but the small opening of the pipe is actually not intentional. (In other words, the upper and lower openings should be closed). My question is,

  1. How can I close the openings of my structure? (It was hard from my side to close the gaps with “close sheet” function)

  2. If the openings are closed, what else should I do to make internal fluid flow volume with the filters inside the pipe?
    (I expect so many warnings with the structures inside) please let me know if there is document to refer to treat this structure.

*The attached pic shows error situation, and another picture shows the red arrow for air fluid flow direction inside the pipe.

Thanks always!
Best, Kim

Hello Kim,

thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.
In order to better help with your issue, can you please share a link to your project here in the forum, and activate the share with support option?

In addition, I want to point you in the direction of this article on how to simulate porous media, which helps to simplify the model and reduce run time.

Best regards

Hello Kim,
the issue seems to be with these mounting holes.
You can remove the parts above and delete the holes, and the one on the other side, by using the face delete option.

You now can create the internal fluid volume like this.

I noticed that there is a small gap between the porous plate and the piping. please try to close these gaps before starting your simulation.

Best regards Sebastian

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