Flow of water through an orifice

I’ve just tidied up this project of mine of flow of water through an orifice and written a description for it and made it public. Perhaps soon I will perform a manual calculation of pressure drop as a comparison. Glad for any tips on how to make the project more presentable.

@jousefm did I post this in the right place?

I think it more usual that you goto the link you gave above, then add a temporary comment (actually it says, ‘Start the conversation’) to your own project like ‘Unfinished’.

Then, click on ‘Goto Forum’ below that comment and voila, there is your system created topic where you can post all your neat stuff about the project like you see that others have done.

Start there by editing your ‘Unfinished’ comment (notice how you can only add images etc in the system created topic)…

Yes, this is weird, but it is the way it is :wink:

It is best, if when you create your project that you immediately make your ‘Unfinished’ comment, lest someone else takes the top billing spot away from you (this the the place you begin putting all your neat eye-candy later :wink:

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Hi Roy!

I would post this under the project but with another approach.

  1. Write a test comment.

  2. Submit

  3. Edit in the forum so that you are also able to add pictures and perform other format changes.

  4. Profit.

So people who are interested in your project can see the progress from you over time, hope that helps :slight_smile:


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LOL, didn’t I just say all that and more :wink:

I had the urge to answer Roy as he tagged me, all props to you Dale :+1: (as always) :wink:

By the way, you are killing it! The activity level in this forum from you is just insane - you and @Retsam are a dream team! :smiley:

Cheers and all the best!



It is just that I have sat here for the past month or more at my computer trying to get TETforCFD meshes to give me accurate CFD results, I have almost given up so my activity should decrease soon…( because I am online I try to help…,)

Hey Dale.

For me the problem really is that at some point I loose overview about your project, really thought about adding another category for theoretical/practical discussions - would be super handy to have some kind of Git ability for projects to see changes that have been made and you could simply pull all changes and reload the project (maybe just a weird idea that is hard to implement or does not make sense at all) - @Retsam can tell as a software engineer :smiley:

Cheers and let me know what you think, always open for ideas.


Darren got some help from support and I can converge again :slight_smile: , so I guess I am stuck trying to complete my TETforCFD project and you will see a lot of me still for the next while :wink:

Actually, just a permanent record text file of the history of all changes made to a project would solve so many issues I have trying to stay organized and it might be a help to people follow what you have done and are doing.

The file could be written to on ‘save’ clicks and tab closing etc so that every little time you press a key is not recorded as a separate event in the history file… And can be in a window that is easy to open, scroll thru and you should be able to download it… It should even have changes time stamped…

Surely it could not take up much in terms of storage space, as meshes and solution data is so huge for every project…

Actually it looks to me as a problem of knowledge capture and retrieval.

@DaleKramer is an explorer (me too) and runs simulations stemming from main topic, using different setup paths. After a short while you have some insights, some branches will be abandoned, some used for next set of experiments. Knowledge gained from that travel cannot be stored in ‘linear mode’. Exploration is in parallel, one should be able to visualize those branches, access notes from main nodes. Dale us names to have it a bit tidy, but arranging it in a list is not possible in current version of software. Anyway, it would be not enough.

I think about ‘TheBrain’, as a side application for an explorer. I used it in the past, but rather for fun. However I foresee possible application in an intensive research projects like Dale is running quite frequenlty. Here is the link to the web site:

TheBrain Web Site

There are also team versions, but for the moment the aim is to be able to navigate your own projects / simulations and understand the past experiments in order to present conclusion(s) to SimScale community. Yes, it will be an additional effort, but now I’m willing to give it a try for my simulations / investigations, as I realize that already some of my projects / simulations I can barely understand. :man_student:



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