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Floating Structure in Wave Tank


I was trying to figure out how to simulate a wave tank to study the dynamics of a floating body. Unfortunately as a student, I cannot afford the pro version. I was wondering if I could accomplish this using an incompressible simulation. My geometry includes a floating body and a wave plunger. I was thinking of creating a solid body motion for the plunger to follow a sinusoidal y velocity to plunge in and out. Would this create a normal linear wave? How could I then study the dynamics of the floating body?

Thanks so much for any help that is provided!

Hello @bkakert ,

Thanks for the details. In short, there are currently no fluid-structure interaction capabilities, so you wouldn’t be able to study how the body floats/is affected by an incoming wave. What you can currently do is to generate a wave via domain initialization and study how the static body reacts to it (like in this tutorial).

But again, it takes a multiphase study. If you are using SimScale for your thesis, you may consider applying to the academic program](Academic Program - CAE software for Students | SimScale), which would grant you access to multiphase.

Hope this helps!

This does help, thank you so much!

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