Floating Point Exception


During simulation, got a floating point.

What can I do? in this case. I need help…

I’m trying to follow the information you gave.

That information told me adding the pressure inlet in case

So,i tried to keep existing boundary condition and added pressure inlet. But i got already same boundary condition assignment.
-(existing) velocity inlet & (new)pressure inlet

I don’t know how to adjust these conditions.

Hi there, I hope you are doing well!
Have a look in this page: Error: Floating Point Exception | SimScale Knowledge Base
This includes information about the error, and tips on how to solve this :slight_smile:

The knowledge base article advices that you ensure your turbulent parameters are not zero, you don’t have to change your inlet condition though. You can check this forum post as well : Most Popular Errors of Simulation - #3 by jprobst
It contains many details.

By the way, have you considered using the standard mesher instead of the hex-dominant parametric? Have a look at this project for example:

It uses an Enclosure and the standard mesher. Also, make sure this part that represents the ground is left out of your domain:

I suggest you revise your project and set it according to the link provided, and if the issue insists, make sure to reach out again :slight_smile:

Best regards,