Floating Point exception Error during Air Flow simulation

I’m trying to do a CFD analysis for air flow in a part of the city but I keep getting “floating point exception” in my simulation runs. I’m using the software for the first time so I’m not really sure how to fix it. I have seen the post that is linked with error but can’t. figure anything out.
Any help would be great

Hi this is Fillia :slight_smile:
This issue has already been discussed in some posts. I would recommend having a look at the following post : Floating Point Exception Error
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I have checked that post but my numerics are non-zero so I’m not exactly sure what to do.

Can you explain to me what you mean by the Numerics being non-zero? Maybe you mean the boundary conditions? The Numerics are the settings of the solver CFD Numerics | Simulation Setup | SimScale Documentation

Oh yes I mean the initial conditions and boundary conditions!

I see, you are right, but there are more suggestions in the post that you should test too:

  1. Use upwind convection scheme

  2. Double-check the initial and boundary conditions

  3. Limit the time step

  4. Apply under-relaxation

  5. Try other linear equation system solvers

However, my personal suggestion is that you set the domain sizing according to Figure 5 here first: Aerodynamic Flow Behavior Around a Vehicle Tutorial | SimScale Of course you do not have symmetry, so you will need to extend the domain to both sides. Make sure to increase the height too.

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