Flip Simulation

My CAD file (solid) and external flow region is upside down. Does anyone no an easy way to flip both in SimScale?

Hi @mjans,

Thank you for reach out to us! Please do the following steps:

1 - Select "Edit in CAD mode"in your geometry.

2 - Once in the CAD edition mode, select “Transform” and then → Rotate

3 - Select the entire body that you want to rotate and the right axis related to, and then set the angle. In your particular case (upside down), you need to set a first 90deg rotation, and then create another rotation operation for the same axis setting up 90deg again.

Then your geometry will rotate for the right position.
Please try it and let me know if it helped you. If it is not the case, please share your project link to give me the chance to take a close look.



Thank you for the help!

Do you know why I keep getting this error?
A setup with at least 2 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please ensure that only one fluid region exists and that all other bodies are assigned to an advanced concept. If you have already meshed your geometry, ensure that all the meshing regions except one are cell zones.

I made my flow region air but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere where I can assign my other part to be ground?

Thank you!

Hi @mjans,

Sorry for the delay. Could you please provide me your project link? It would be very helpful to see if you do not have a CAD problem like a non-solid part or the kind of stuff. In this meantime, here you have the best answer that might be helpful in your issue.

Please let me know if it helps you.