[FINISHED] Modeling of Gas Distribution in an Indoor Space



Finished by @vgon_alves and @pankajkumar979.


Mining is known as one of the world’s most dangerous occupations. Many serious accidents have taken place in several parts of the world, that resulted in loss of life. Emissions and accumulations of Methane gas at a working face in underground coal mines can result in a major explosive event if not taken care of effectively. CFD can be used to predict the spread and distribution of a gas in different ventilation setups and help engineers to design more effective ventilation systems. [1]

Input Data

The model can be created using the geometry dimensions as given in [1]:


The purpose of this project is to validate the accuracy of the solver for transport and distribution of Gas (passive scalar) in an indoor environment.The airflow pattern (velocity) and concentration results from CFD are to be compared with experimental data obtained from full-scale tests.

A sample distribution image.

A sample plot comparing CFD with experimental results.

Key Words

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Mine ventilation, Continuous mining face, Airflow pattern, Methane distribution

Literature & Sources


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